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Are you tired of starving yourself only to gain the weight back?

Are you done with endless hours of cardio with little results?

Educate yourself with knowledge about your health from a medical and fitness expert. Dr. Fitness’ will teach you how to lose weight and tone your body and you can learn how your body works!  Contact Us.

The media misinforms the public with myths and over-simplified answers.

The facts are:

*  Obesity affects 25% of adults and 2/3 of adults are overweight & Losing weight is not easy

*  Caloric deficit diets are not the answer and do not work in the long run

*  Exercising at work and occasional walking are not effective ways to lose fat or weight

Learn how to change your life by making modest dietary changes and exercise more effectively by using your body’s physiology to help.

This training program was designed by a medical doctor and personal trainer with the help of a doctor of physiology who also teaches coursework in nutrition and anatomy.





Contact Us

Dr Fitness
1754 W. Golf Rd,
Mount Prospect,
Illinois - 60056
Phone : 312-343-3988

Inquiries: Send Mail

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